Oct 20, 2014

Seasonal reminders from Grass Stains

Your GHASTLY collection of iPhone home screens is coming, Internet.

Never fear. It's coming.

But first, I wanted to be sure to post my Seasonal Reminders to you. I'm a little late this year, so hopefully you've already scheduled -- and maybe already TAKEN -- your family photos for your holiday cards. But if you haven't, GET ON THAT.

And if it's been more than a year since you've had a good head shot taken, have that photographer get a couple of you and your spouse individually that day. It'll probably be better than your latest selfie, and it'll certainly be more appropriate for your LinkedIn profile or, at the very least, it'll help you out the next time somebody asks you if you have a picture of yourself and you have to try to crop a kid or a dog out of it.

Also about this time every year, I'm supposed to remind you that it's time to order your 2014 Christmas ornaments before Pottery Barn runs out of them. I'm so selfish that I never remind you to order yours until I've ordered my own, which I just did last night.

(If you're new here, I order a photo frame Christmas ornament for each of my kids every Fall with the year engraved on it. My Christmas tree is chock full of them. It's my favorite tradition and our kids love their ornaments.)

This year Pottery Barn has the rectangular one that I always order AND a round one that's really cute. But that seems like it would be circle-times as hard to cut a photo out to go in it. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

I AM really bummed that they're not offering a customizable version of this frame this year, though (at least, not that I saw). In the past, you could choose any date to engrave on it, and this year you can only get 2014 ... so if you're trying to "fill in the blanks" on your tree, you're going to have to find a different ornament frame.

I am not affiliated with Pottery Barn in any way and don't get anything for mentioning them every. stinking. year. Anyone who does is clearly LIVING THE DREAM.

But speaking of affiliates {nice segue, Grass}, if you haven't set your Amazon.com home page to my Affiliate home page, this would be an EXCELLENT time to do that.

Since I asked you to, at least two of you must have done it. Because I checked, and I have earned $4.63 since then. That is a full one-third more than I'd earned in the preceding two years. So, you know, I'm RAKING IT IN.

But seriously. As I mentioned in my original Ask, if you would like to support my blog at no cost to you, you could change your Amazon bookmark to (copy and paste it): 


That is my personal Amazon Affiliate home page link. It would be a "passive" way to support my work here, because a small portion of your eligible purchases would be paid to me as a commission each time you shop there.

 I won't know who does and who doesn't, so there's no pressure on you one way or another. With holiday shopping right around the corner, I figure I MIGHT be able to break $10! Thanks for considering it.

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