Oct 16, 2014

iPhone home screens, because I'm a glutton for punishment

Okay, Internet.

It's been a year since we've done this. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

Yes, a year since I first LOST MY EVER-LOVING MIND over the state of your iPhone home screens. It was purely accidental, and I can't believe I'm about to do this to myself -- and to you -- again on purpose.

But I am. And as I look back on my own home screen from a mere year ago, I'm surprised to see how much it's changed in that time.


And now:

If you weren't around a year ago, what happened was that my friend Rachel innocently texted me a screenshot of her home screen in the process of asking me a question about something related to her phone. And I don't think I was even able to answer her question, SO DISTRACTED WAS I BY THE STATE OF HER HOME SCREEN.

I was so undone that I knew I had to investigate to see if others were living in similar states of chaos -- hundreds (or thousands!) of unread emails, screens upon screens of apps just piled upon one another, horrid background images flying in the face of all that's good and holy -- and SURE ENOUGH.

You were.

You provided enough fodder for two posts. The original, and then a follow-up. Truth be told, there were even stragglers beyond that, but I was worn slap out. I couldn't bring myself to post any more screens. My eyes were nearly seared out of my head by the ugliness of it all.

But I'm ready. Bring it, Internet. BRING IT.

Send your home screen screenshots to stainsofgrass at yahoo dot com. (I assume you all know how to take a screenshot. If you don't, email me and ask.) (I probably won't tell anyone you had to email me and ask.) (PROBABLY won't.)

I'm VERY interested to see if anyone has finally moved the Phone out of a perma-spot.

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