Nov 6, 2012

The ornaments you guys always ask me about

Every year when I show you guys my Christmas tree and talk about My Very Favorite Ornaments, you guys always ask where to get them.

If you're new around here, My Very Favorite Ornaments are the ones that hold a photograph of each of my kids from each year of their lives, and they're engraved with the year.

They're not all identical, but they're all similar, and over the years they've all come from Pottery Barn.

Unfortunately, by the time I answer your queries about the ornaments, Pottery Barn is always sold out, because it's usually within a couple of weeks of Christmas.


This year I'm telling you where to get them, and I'm telling you while they're still in stock.

You can get them straight from PB by clicking here, for $19 each. (They are only $12 if you don't have them monogrammed with the date.) Have two kids, want to do this and wish you'd started years ago? Order six ornaments, three for each kid, with the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 engraved on them. Or go back farther than that. Whatever floats your boat.

That's the nice thing about these ornaments. As long as you're careful and DON'T ORDER THE ONE PRE-ENGRAVED WITH THIS YEAR'S DATE ON IT (which is not the one I'm linking to, on purpose), you can order back as far you'd like and just work your way forward every year until you finally get current. No need to spend $200 on these ornaments this year alone. (If you only want the 2012 version, see the bottom of this post. It's much cheaper.)

But if you get a Pottery Barn gift card for a birthday or something over the next few weeks, I think this would be a GREAT tradition to start for your family. My kids absolutely love these ornaments, and we all smile and giggle over them every year as we hang them on the tree.

No affiliate links of any kind in this post, no love from PB for me ... just trying to help you out. Go forth and shop!

If you're just starting this year and therefore only need the 2012 version, you can get that one for just $12.50, already engraved with the date. And going forward, they always have one engraved with the current year's date for this decent kind of price. It's only if you need to go BACK and do previous years that you have to pay "up" for the specific engraving.

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