Oct 22, 2014

The Great iPhone PHONE Challenge

I hate to tell you this, but my post on all of your hideous iPhone home screens has been delayed yet another day.

BUT. That is because reviewing all of them -- NAY, BEING SCARRED FOR LIFE BY ALL OF THEM -- brought me to a startling revelation.

There are many, MANY among you who claim that you never use the phone. That you ONLY text. That you jump three inches anytime your phone actually rings.

And yet. AND YET, INTERNET. Of all the home screens that were sent in to me -- and there were a lot of them -- only one person had moved his Phone icon from a perma-spot to a different location on his home screen.

Yes, of course it was a man.

So I am issuing my first-ever Grass Stains Challenge:

Today, all of you who swear you never use the phone -- or even if you only use it once or twice a day -- move your Phone icon out of its perma-spot at the bottom, into another spot on your home screen. And choose an app you open MULTIPLE times a day -- be it Twitter, Spotify, Words with Friends, Feedly, {...shudder...} Facebook -- and move that app into a perma-spot.

Give it a week, and come back and tell me how it's going. We'll talk about whether you miss the phone, if it's a move you wish you'd made years ago, and if you actually owe me cold, hard cash for changing your life. Tell your parents, tell your friends, tell your minister. LET'S DO THIS, Internet.

After all, if you REALLY don't use the phone to call people, and you really only use it to answer calls, you don't need the Phone icon in a perma-spot. When you receive a call and your phone is sleeping, the screen wakes up like this:

And when you receive a call while you're in the middle of a task on your phone, the screen reverts to this:

So. What are you waiting for?

Challenge accepted? Who's in? Who's out?

Let me know in the Comments. I'm dying to know.

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