Feb 7, 2014

We're on our way to the 'happiest place on Earth'!

Tomorrow morning we leave for Disney World! Buh-right and early. Our flight leaves at 8:00, so I don't even want to say out LOUD what time we have to get up for all six of us to make that flight.

BUT HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! So I'm willing to overlook it.

I'm not going to be posting about our trip until we get back. I learned last time that it added an entire layer of stress to the trip that simply didn't need to exist.

So I'm THINKING about using the Blogger app on my phone to upload a captioned picture here once or twice a day (if you'd like that), because I know the majority of you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram. So even though I might be posting there, you probably wouldn't be able to see those pictures.

I'm kind of on the fence about it, because all of my new posts here automatically feed to my Twitter account, and I don't want to overload Twitter with "new blog post" Tweets that are really just a single picture. What say you, Internet? Are you interested or not?

In the meantime, if you're a glutton for Disney and weren't around these parts four years ago -- the only other time we've gone to Disney World -- you're welcome to check out the posts from that trip. But remember ... there will be some similar ones coming up in about a week and a half!

Disney 2010 - Day 1

Disney 2010 - Day 2

Disney 2010 - Day 3

Disney 2010 - Day 4

Disney 2010 - Day 5

Disney 2010 - Day 6

Disney 2010 - Day 7

Disney 2010 - Day 8

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