Feb 6, 2014

There may be a monkey loose in my house

Last Saturday morning, we came downstairs to quite a mess.

It looked like an orangutan had gotten into the kitchen and ripped into an orange, leaving a trail of sticky destruction in its wake.

I've seen the likes of this at the zoo before. But in my kitchen? This was new.

 The trail seemed to lead to ... an open door.

On my way to the door, I stopped to take a closer look at a few of the pieces, and they definitely looked "attacked."

Especially this one.

When I got outside, though ... NO ORANGUTANS. Just four monkeys of a different kind.

They were enjoying the first beautiful day following #Snowpocalypse2014. They had a pile of socks and gloves ready and waiting there on the side of the trampoline for Sock Wars, inexplicably one of their favorite games. Explicably the main reason that we have approximately 137 socks without matches floating around our house.

Sock Wars, for the uninitiated among you, is just when kids take all the socks they can find and throw them at each other repeatedly.

Better than pretty much everything else, or so they'll have you believe.

So back to the orange. Guess who the culprit was.

YEP. This monkey.

She loves oranges, and I guess no one was there to peel one for her, so she just decided to do it for herself.

I give her an A for Effort, D for Technique. BUT I'm all for whatever kept her from coming to ask me to do it. Also, THAT FACE. Too yummy.

But for the record? THIS is the face I get most often.

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