Jan 24, 2010

DisneyWatch 2010: Day 1

** I dedicate this post to my sister, who had to cancel her trip on Friday because she is sick as a dog. I love you, and we miss you! **


I'm back. Well, sort of. I can only get Grayson's laptop to recognize ONE of my cameras, and lucky you, it's the little point-and-shoot. Also, his laptop has no way for me to edit photos, so these will all be little straight-out-of-the-camera diddies.

First, let me tell you that Disney DOES, in fact, have Internet access. Kind of. It's not wireless (HELLO, DISNEY, WELCOME TO 2010), and you have to have a working Ethernet port in your computer to use it. For a mere $10 a day, but I suppose that's beside the point. Anyway, apparently my Ethernet port is broken, so I can't use my laptop for anything Internet-related. Still, Disney is not to blame for that, although if they had wireless, THERE WOULD BE NO ISSUE HERE.

Sorry for all of the caps. Just be glad you haven't been here the whole time I've been going through my Internet-related woes, because then you would have had to suffer through me TALKING in all caps. Terrible fate for all those involved.

We already have one day under our belt, but I'm going to do something I've never done before and post two days in arrears, because I don't have the time or energy to catch up any other way. And now I'm going to go all Maria Von Trapp on you and Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. WITH PACKING.

I took Friday off so I could pack us up before leaving on Friday afternoon. Grayson helped by laying out most of what he needed on the guest bed, and I was just going to pack our things in one suitcase. I had to call him at work to ask, "There are 15 pairs of socks on the bed. Did you mean for me to pack all of them?"

Don't wear yourselves out with The Counting. There are 15, and yes, he meant for me to pack all of them. I mentioned that if we took all of his socks, there'd be no room for my clothes, so he reluctantly agreed that I could leave "a few" behind. I DID.

And here's what our largest suitcase looked like when all of his items were in it:

See that sliver over there on the right side? That's where my things are supposed to fit. And THIS time I intended to bring shoes (unlike Thanksgiving, Patrice), so I needed more space. Because I am notoriously a light packer, I refused to pack in a separate bag, so I ended up putting my toiletries in Jake's suitcase. (He requires his own because we have to bring So Many Diapers.)

Nonetheless, I feel pretty good about what we brought. For five people, one week at Disney:

Pretty good, eh? Each of us also had a backpack for the plane, but they only contained items for entertainment and snacks:

[Side note: I haven't flown in a while, so I was plenty peeved when Security took my purse off to the side and took everything out of it looking for metal that had shown up on the X-ray machine. They then confiscated my nail clippers, pocket knife and Leatherman knife. "Ma'am, these are now the property of the United States Government." Oops.]

When we got to our gate, the boys were fascinated with the plane.

While we waited to board, they were glued to the window.

I do believe they had a little Moment.

They were proud to be wearing their First Visit to Disney buttons that my friend Kim P. sent them. (Thanks, Kim! They were a big hit!)

Once we got into the jetway, these three were like old pros. Nick kicked back against the wall, Jakey took a wide stance to steady himself with his backpack that's bigger than he is, and Nathaniel just shot the breeze with them.

As we boarded the plane, I asked the flight attendant if they did anything special for first-time flyers, and the pilot overheard me and invited them into the cockpit.

NOTHING could have made them happier.

Meanwhile, the flight attendant got on the intercom and said, "Jackie, I've got a mom traveling alone with three little ones. Can you save the back row?" INTERNET, THAT IS WHAT THEY CALL "FORESHADOWING."

In fact, I did not think of myself as traveling alone with three children, but take a look at MY ROW.

That's me in the red shirt with a lap child, and two other kids. Here's the back of Grayson's head, of which I had a great view:

We really couldn't have asked for a better flight, though. It was a gorgeous day, and the boys loved being "higher than the clouds."

All three of them were absolute champs. I don't think they know that planes can crash, so that probably helped. Jakey was totally non-plussed about the whole thing. He loved the pretzels, though.

While the big boys played on their PSPs, he played on his Leapster.

We had a completely full flight, so I was worried that he might bother the people around us, but he was quiet as a churchmouse.

So were the other two ... Nathaniel just put on his headphones and played a game:

And Nick did the same.

They were big fans of the free Dr Pepper and pretzels, as well as of the tray tables.

Most of the time I just enjoyed this view of Jakey's head and leaned down to sniff it every once in a while.

Our arrival was uncomplicated and we got to the hotel fairly quickly. (Although Orlando, your signage is a little inconsistent. Sometimes you mark a road really well with important things in purple, and sometimes I get like, a tiny arrow. OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT.)

In the lobby of the hotel there's a little kids' TV-viewing area, and our kids settled right into the front row while I got us checked in.

Afterward, we went out to the boardwalk to grab a counter-service supper, and the service took a while so Jakey ate Heinz ketchup out of a spoon. Five packets. OMG, please just call Family Services now.

And we finally got to our condo around 8:30, and it's quite lovely. Aside from the wi-fi.

Although at one point Friday evening we'd only seen the airport and the lobby, as we left the lobby Nicholas shouted, "Disney World is the best place EVAH!" And I thought, "These kids are really gonna love this place."

I can't wait to start the week.


Sarah T. said...

That's awesome--Nick cracks me up. So glad you're having fun so far. Missing you guys so so much. Can't wait to see more pics and hear more about it!

Sewconsult said...

I just want to know how many times a day G changes his socks? And to save room, couldn't he just wear the shoes, rather than taking up room in the suitcase? You did well in packing. Love all the guys & their backpacks! Fun had by all, even the followers.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Will said...

Hope ya'll have an awesome rest of the trip :) i'm enjoying reading all about it!

maura said...

Katherine, It is so funny I just signed up to follow your blog last week and then we went away to of all places Disney! and got back tonight to find your disney post. We stayed at the animal kingdom lodge and loved it. I hope you have a great trip and email if you have any questions. I absolutely love disney and this was our 2nd trip in two years with our two kids. Hope you enjoy your trip as much as we enjoyed ours!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Beckie, he wears at least two pairs a day. Each pair serves a particular "function," if you will. He may want to elaborate on his sock fetish ...

Maura, that's so funny! We will have to compare notes afterward. I am completely wiped, and it's only Day 3.

Sarah T. said...

This post makes me want to lean down and sniff Jake's head, too, and rub that spot in the middle of his little baby neck where the muscle dents in.

Jami said...

Hi Katherine, it's Jami again (the tollhouse cookie cake gal). Since I am a huge Disney fan I thought I would go back and read all about your trip. I can't wait to take my boys. I wanted to let you know about the socks, you just NEVER know when you are going to need more. My husband and I went to Disney on our honeymoon. I'm pretty sure the devil himself made my wedding shoes because I honestly thought I was going to need a trip to the ER due to a blister on my toe. After we checked into our hotel (Port Orleans Riverside, btw) I made my husband of less than 24 hours treck to the giftshop to buy some antibiotic cream. What does this have to do with socks? I had to wear two pair for the first three days. I did not think I was going to be able to walk that first day. YES, the blister was that bad. We still talk about today and it's been almost 7 years. So... let him back the socks next time, you just never know.

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