Nov 21, 2013

Christmas is coming

About this time every year, I'm supposed to remind you (like I'm your mom or whatever) that it's time to order your 2013 Christmas ornaments before Pottery Barn runs out of them. You know, so you don't send me emails after I post pictures of my decorated tree in a few weeks telling me that I didn't remind you to order them before they ran out.

(If you're new here, I order a photo frame Christmas ornament for each of my kids every Fall with the year engraved on it. My Christmas tree is chock full of them. You can start anytime you like, because of course you can engrave years going back as far as you have pictures. It's my favorite tradition and our kids love their ornaments.)

And here are a few other things I've seen here and there that might interest you. While I'd love to give you a comprehensive gift list of things I've found, it would largely spoil Christmas for my family and friends. But these are the items I thought would either make you grin or would have the widest appeal:

Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. Yep, believe it. It features performances by the Robertson family along with special guests Alison Krauss, George Strait, Josh Turner and Luke Bryan. AND of the 79 reviews on Amazon, 76 of them are five stars. I don't know what this says about America. $11.99.

Minecraft Creeper Bracelets: If your kids are as into Minecraft as ours are, these bracelets might be great stocking stuffers. I posted a link for a few friends on Facebook the other day, and that set already sold out. Phooey! I DIDN'T EVEN GET MY OWN SET YET. $8.88 for a set of five.

Planes on DVD: We missed this in theatres, but it looked cute. We're suckers for owning cute animated films on DVD that we can take on long car trips (since most of our family lives in North Carolina), so we hope to add this one to our collection this Christmas. $16.96

Simon: This one's a COMPLETE THROWBACK, because my sister and I used to play with ours every day in the mid-'80s, but I'm convinced that all kids need a Simon. And apparently the makers of Simon have decided that they don't need to mess Even One Iota with a good thing. Because today's version looks identical in every way to the November 1984 version. $32.50

Rectangular Melamine Platters: Poppyseed Paper, a company based right here in Bluff Park, designs adorable customizable platters. Know a couple who roots for rival sports teams? I bet they'd love the "House Divided" platter, like this one designed for an Alabama-Auburn household. (The platter's edges are rounded in reality.) $33.95

There are several Amazon Affiliate links in this post. If you order using any of them, your purchase price will not be increased in any way, but any purchase you make will support my site in a small way. I have no affiliation with Pottery Barn. Wish I did, FOR SURE.

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