Nov 25, 2013

Disney on Ice

A few months ago I bought tickets to take Jake and Amelia to see Disney on Ice: Princesses & Heroes. I only bought tickets for the three of us, because I figured Nathaniel and Nick wouldn't be interested in that kind of show anymore.

So a couple of weeks ago on the night of the show, I picked the boys up from school and told them I was going to drop them off at home, pick Amelia up and then she, Jake and I were going to head downtown for the show. YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT I'D SHOT THEM.

They were devastated that they weren't going to get to go with us. But what was I to do at that point? It was almost 6:00, and the show started at 7:00. I drove home, unloaded them and went upstairs to collect Amelia. When I came back through the den, Nathaniel was lying on the couch, sobbing. I asked, "Is this about Disney on Ice?" He answered, still sobbing, "Yes ... First I missed Amelia taking her first bite of solid food, AND NOW I'M GOING TO MISS SEEING HER WATCH HER FIRST LIVE SHOW."

Yeah, I happened to feed Amelia her first bite of rice cereal while Nathaniel was taking a shower TWO YEARS AGO, and he's never let me forget it.

So I told Grayson, "Screw it, I'll just take all of 'em and hope I can get two extra tickets at the door."

Internet, I was not able to get two extra tickets anywhere close to the three I had, so I will have you know that I had to buy five all-new tickets OH YES I DID.

And the show was sold-out, so we gave up our seats on the ground floor and had to sit in the balcony.

That actually ended up being kind of nice (other than being farther away from the action), because we were all by ourselves up there. No one to bother us, and no one for us to bother.

I wasn't at all sure how long Amelia would make it through the show, since this was her first live performance of anything, but she LOVED it. Every single second of it.

She was utterly captivated, and she clapped through every number. Not AFTER every number, but THROUGH every number. It was adorable.

And the boys loved watching her enjoy it.

I might have enjoyed it just a SMIDGE more if I hadn't paid for the tickets twice, but bygones.

Also, my legs kept going to sleep because a certain toddler refused to sit anywhere other than in my lap for the entire two hours.

The inclusion of Beauty and the Beast made my night. I'm not sure whether or not I've ever told you, Internet, but I'm not a fan of live shows.

I've probably seen more than 100 shows on and off Broadway, maybe closer to 150 if you count shows like this and college productions, and I've only ever really loved one Blue Man Group show, one Cirque du Soleil show, and Beauty and the Beast. 

You might be thinking I just haven't seen the right shows, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case, as I've seen plenty of Tony-award winners and most of the longest-running shows in New York and Chicago.

Apparently I just have bad taste.

I do keep going, though, so I'm either a glutton for punishment or an eternal optimist.

The kids did not inherit my dislike of live shows, and they've loved every one they've ever seen. Even Barney. {GAG.}

It probably helps that they enjoy the $12 bags of cotton candy and the $6 cups of lemonade ... I think their snacks alone cost $75.

One of the weird things I do when I go to something like this is that I wonder how much these performers get paid. Like, as I sip the $6 lemonade, I think, "Is Jasmine even making $6 tonight? What about Ariel? Or do they just do it for the love of performing?"

The boys were SO impressed with how the men could hold the women over their heads while they danced across the ice ... they thought they were amazing. Even though they went to watch Amelia enjoy the show, they ended up liking it, too.

The closer it got to the grand finale, the bigger the spectacles got.

All of the characters came out, and Tinkerbell even came out in Cinderella's carriage.

And THEN they scared us to death by setting off some little fireworks.

I wasn't expecting them, so I jumped about a foot out of my seat.

I mean, they were small, BUT WE WERE INDOORS.

So they were loud, but the boys just thought they were the best finish ever.

Overall, a huge win. And to think, I got it all for the mere price of like $1,000.

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