Nov 19, 2013

If Grayson had a blog

Grayson never used to text me when he had a Droid. But now that he has an iPhone, he texts me all the time.

I like it.

Especially when I have to work late or when I'm out of town and he sends me updates about the kids.

Not that he provides a whole lot of information, mind you. But it's just nice to have a little glimpse into what they're doing.

A lot of times I ask a follow-up question and I get no response. But that's okay. If I'm not there, I know he has his hands full. (Well, kind of. He depends on Nathaniel a lot. OBVIOUSLY.)

Of course, Nathaniel has been known to make the occasional error in judgment when on babysitting duty.

Sometimes I'm actually in the house when he texts me ... I'm just upstairs folding clothes or something when he sees something cute that he knows I wouldn't want to miss.

Other times, like last Sunday, he has one of the kids with him and he takes a shot to send home to the rest of us so we can enjoy it.

Occasionally those are solid gold, like when he sent this one from the pediatrician's office of Amelia pitching a total fit, face-down on the floor, screaming bloody murder because he'd told her "No" or something.

 She almost looks like she's standing up in that picture. Nope. Lying on the floor. Chewing hardwood.

Anyway. I wanted to give you a glimpse into what it might be like if Grayson ever took over here at Grass Stains. He won't, because he hates to write, but if you liked this, I'll see if I can get him to agree to let me do it again!

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