Jan 13, 2010

Update on Jake

I already have a regular post set to go up later this morning, but I knew people would be confused and concerned if I didn't mention Jake at all today.

He had a pretty good evening last night but struggled to sleep well again. The congestion and cough woke him up regularly throughout the night. There's still no wheezing, but his breathing is a little labored and I've been suctioning him every three hours for the past two days to try to get some of the mucous out of his system.

High respirations and dehydration were what hospitalized him last time with RSV, so I'm particularly watching out for those things. I am at least encouraged by the fact that his airway is larger than it was a year ago, given that he's a year older, and hopefully he will rally and beat this before any serious intervention is necessary.

I stayed home with him Monday and Tuesday, and the plan is for Grayson to work from home today and tomorrow, with me returning on Friday. I hate to leave him while he's so sick, but I really need to get into the office a couple of days this week, and he'll be pleased as punch to have the "alone time" with Grayson.

I don't post to my blog during the work day, but if there's any change in his condition, I'll post something to Twitter from my phone and you can see the updates on the left side of the blog ... but in the meantime we covet your prayers.


Rachel said...

Oh dear! I hope he gets over it soon. It's no fun with a sick baby in the house.

CCB said...

I hope your little feels better sooon!
!! I know it is so hard to leave him, but like you said Daddy time will do just fine! lol... Have a great day and keep us posted!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Thank you, thank you, ladies! He is pitiful but hanging in there.

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