Dec 10, 2015

Beach 2015: Thursday

It's weird reading about a July beach trip in December. Amiright?

I have to make a concerted effort NOT to do this next year. It's messing with my mind.

And believe me. My mind doesn't have the bandwidth to spare.

If it were just you guys, I probably would have consolidated the entire week into one post and moved on. But since roughly half of my readership is the people who actually WENT ON THE BEACH TRIP, these pictures and recaps mean a lot to them. Even if they coincide with Christmas.


You wanna know what happened on Thursday at the beach?

Those da*n fisherman were back out there with their live bait again, just begging for sharks to bite. Right next to our kids.

But the kids were obedient and stayed out of the water.


Grayson took ours in on body boards and I remained on Full Dorsal Watch.

Amelia was happy to play in the shallows, which was great with me.

At one point in the day, Grayson flew off the front of his body board right into the bottom of the ocean. Like for-real BOOM.

Me: "Do you know what that's called?"

Him: "What."

Me: "KARMA."

Took him out of the ocean for the rest of the day, off the body board for the rest of the trip, and through a good six months of neck pain.

And that is all I will say about that.

One more full day at the beach to come! I THINK WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS, INTERNET.

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