Dec 11, 2015

Beach 2015: Friday

When I went to sort the photos from Friday out from the beach trip, I realized that there was quite the odd assortment.

While we did go out to the beach that day, I think by that point I'd lost the will to keep photographing. I mean, there are only so many pictures of kids playing on the same 50-square-foot patch of sand that you can take.

But apparently Jake picked up my camera that morning before we went out -- and he took some Jake's-eye-view pictures for your enjoyment.

I think he surprised Amelia.

He got some shots of people gathering around the island, loading their plates up with breakfast food.

As well as a close-up of the floor.

He also caught Andrew trying to catch a few extra minutes of shuteye on the couch.

And Gary checking a connection on the TV (with Amelia supervising).


The return of SportsCenter even roused Andrew.

And then I guess Jakey got up to fix his own breakfast, and Amelia took over.

How do I know? This.

After our day on the sand, we celebrated our brother-in-law Bill's 70th birthday -- it always falls during our trip.

Our sister-in-law Patsy brought cute masks and headbands for the kids.

And that pretty much brought our trip to an end! I mean, aside from splitting up what was left of the food, packing up the van and rooftop carrier with a week's worth of beach gear, checking the house for every last bit of our stuff, stripping the beds and departing before 9 a.m. the next morning. You know, that whole mad dash.

And now we're only seven months away from our next trip!

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