Apr 30, 2015

A better shot of the wood feature wall

When I went over to the new house last night to conduct my Pointless Nightly Check on Daily Progress, there had been some progress on the wood feature wall. What a nice surprise!

(Sorry. iPhone pics at 10:15 at night.)

At any rate, I remembered to try to get a picture from a different angle so you could see more of the "big picture," how much of that side of the room will be clad with the cedar. It will wrap around the fireplace and turn right onto that little two-foot section, stopping at the wall with the windows/French doors.

The windows and fireplace surround will be painted, and the cedar will be stained, so it won't all be one huge expanse of wood. And our TV will be mounted -- as I mentioned yesterday -- on the main wall here to the right, with our TV console below it. So there will be plenty there to break up the wood, I think.

My contractor is still saying he'll be finished by May 8.


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