May 1, 2015

Parents of the year

You've heard about the Baltimore mom who saw her teenage son (who should've been in school) in the crowd of violent rioters, marched right over there, snatched him up and started whaling on him?

Perhaps it shouldn't have been funny, but I literally laughed out loud. Because my first thought was, "YES MA'AM. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD WANT TO DO TO MY IDIOT SON IF HE WERE THROWING ROCKS AT THE POLICE."

And my second thought was, "She kind of hits like Phoebe Buffay."

My third thought was, "Ombre hair, statement necklace, hoop earrings and a bolero jacket ... every bit of it flying around as she chased. him. down."


Then today, I ran across a man who encountered a situation I actually HAVE encountered as a mom. Not that I've run a marathon. But I've been to Disney World, which is basically the same thing.

Click here to read his story. Learning does not only happen in the classroom, indeed.

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