Apr 29, 2015

Around the new house

Does it appear to you as if we will never move?


I HAVE TURNED IT OVER TO THE LORD. There appears to be no other recourse.

Allow me to share with you the most recent developments. Well, aside from the fact that the flooring company with which I was dealing has completely screwed the pooch and I'm having to start over from scratch two weeks before we are supposed to move into the house.


Last Saturday I went over there and tackled the three bathroom vanities that we're not replacing (Amelia's, the boys' and the basement). They all look basically the same, with a kind of pickled finish and brass hardware. Here's the boys' before:

And here's Amelia's after I primed and painted it ... the only difference with hers is that it has four doors on the bottom instead of two.

(I'm replacing their faucets, but the countertops and vanities are staying for budget purposes.)

When I went to pick up new hardware, I was SHOPPING for oil-rubbed bronze -- which I ended up getting for the other two bathrooms. But when I ran across these cuties at Home Depot (from the Home Decorators Collection line) at only $2.40 each, I had to snap some up for Amelia's bathroom.

I went with the trellis design in coral, which will coordinate so well with her bedroom curtains!

And here's what it looked like freshly painted with the new hardware. (The plumber still has to install the new faucet.)

Elsewhere in the house, the tongue-and-groove cedar has just started going up on the feature wall in the den. It's being installed in variable lengths, and it will be stained to look aged. I hope.

To help you envision it, it's going to go all the way from the endcap you see on the right (and slightly to the right of that, over the doorway to our bedroom about three feet in that one spot), and it will extend to the left across the fireplace all the way over to the wall of windows. Art will go over the fireplace, and the TV will go on the big blank wall (hence the outlets and cable connection down there).

Could I have taken a horizontal shot to have better shown you this plan? Yes, I could have. But I'm new to this whole blogging thing, so.  #7years

Yesterday our contractor removed the two Ugly Cabinets that were in the hallway between our master bedroom and bath and carted them over to the laundry room to install them there.

I don't think he measured before he did it, because when I went over last night to do my Pointless Nightly Check On Daily Progress, I texted him to say, "The washer and dryer aren't gonna fit under those cabs, are they." He sent me a 10-4 on that.

This all makes me sigh and laugh at the same time. I haven't shared with you all of the obstacles that have formed along the way, but trust me when I say that there have been nearly daily surprises throughout this process. You just have to shake your head and move on ... the reality is that even though I'm a Type-A personality to the nth degree, in this situation I am forced to depend upon other people to complete this project. So I'm at their mercy in many ways ... the general contractor and his subcontractors, as well as the people to whom I've subbed out some of the projects on my own. And in many cases, they do not seem to share either my work ethic, attention to detail or -- in the case of the flooring representative -- PLAIN OLD COMMON SENSE.

This weekend my plan is to sand and paint the dresser that the former owners left behind, which I hope to use as a buffet piece in our dining room. I will also add new hardware to the other two bathroom vanities, and now I may add painting those two cabinets above to my list, so that I can use them for storage in the garage. No sense letting them go to waste.

Lemonade out of lemons, Internet!

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