Oct 29, 2014

Who took The Challenge?

So. Who took The Challenge? Whose life is changed?

I know reader Amy took it. She emailed me and said, "Eff the phone. It's on the second screen."

{Fun Fact: Of all the non-standard apps on Amy's screen, we share exactly two: Instagram and Feedly. I have no idea what most of hers even are.}

Reader Ryan Leigh took it. She emailed me and said, "Phone is not at the bottom anymore. I only use two perma-spots. I'm sure that drives you batty. I don't have FB on my phone anymore. Yes, I have three weather apps - the one I use, the one I don't use, and the one that tracks my mileage if I go out for a run and realize my Garmin battery needs a charge. The next screen is twelve more groups of apps that probably need to be edited down to 9-10. Baby steps."

I applaud her for at least being self-aware about her three weather apps: "the one I use, the one I don't use, and the one that tracks my mileage ..."


Blog reader and IRL friend Jamie took The Challenge. But true-to-form she's being totally pissy about it. She tweeted, "I accidentally click on phone so much that I’m in a constant state of anxiety."

And blog reader and IRL friend Rachel did it, too. 

You can tell, of course, that Rachel and Jamie already bought iPhone 6s. They have a whole extra row of icons to work with than anyone else in these posts. (And yet Rachel still has three screens beyond this one.) (But Ima let that slide for now.) I just want to congratulate her on moving her Phone icon waaaaaaay on up there under her Camera.

You might think that someone who's okay with having a Red 105 staring her in the face from her Mail icon would also be okay with moving her icons around willy-nilly, but in fact this was a big sacrifice for Rachel.

I am DYING to know what you guys think about having moved your Phone apps out of their perma-spots. And Jamie. Have you moved yours back yet?

I feel like this was a real week of growth for you, Internet. Congratulations.

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