Sep 5, 2014

Lightning strike

Last night lightning struck so close to our house that it fried a lot of things. My laptop is okay, but my laptop CHARGER is fried. 

Our cable -- which supplies our phone, Internet and TV service -- is out. HOW DRAMATIC WAS THE SCENE AT OUR HOUSE LAST NIGHT, DO YOU THINK?

I was basically in the fetal position, Internet. 

And that was before I discovered the four-inch scrape on our beloved 42-inch flat-screen TV from where it recently came into contact with a light saber. 


To the boys' credit, they stood strong as a unit, none of them willing to give any of the others up for committing the Crime of the Century.

But between the light-saber/scrape discovery and our cable outage, my heart may not make it through the weekend.

Pray for me.

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