Sep 10, 2014

A breather

Thanks to those of you who've emailed to check in and ask if I've recovered from the lightning strike and the light saber scratch.

The answer is, "Yes, partially."

My laptop charger is working intermittently, which means that I'm able to use my laptop ... intermittently. I really want to share the pictures from our visit to North Carolina to see my parents over Labor Day with you. And also? Last Easter.

Remember how I joked earlier in the year that I might get around to showing you Easter pictures before Labor Day? I WAS WRONG.

It'll be after.

Anyways. We still have a big scrape on our TV from a light saber of indeterminate handling. No culprit has come forward, and United They Stand. I'm impressed. I thought somebody would've broken by now.

I feel like I've got a hundred balls in the air this week, so I'm not going to add blogging to them. I'll be back next week, though, with tons of untimely photos to share.

See? So much to look forward to!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this little nugget of wisdom, courtesy of FailBlog, just because it made me laugh:

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