Sep 4, 2014

Did someone say 'amazing pool'?

I know most of you who read my blog aren't local, so you won't have a chance to enjoy the pool at the UAB Rec Center. BUT MY WORD.

We were invited downtown for a Cub Scout Welcome Event a couple of weekends ago, and the kids were BESIDE THEMSELVES when they got a look at the pool. Quite frankly, it IS pretty impressive.

A Lazy River runs around the right side of it, and the current moves fairly quickly in it.

In the middle front of the pool, there's an actual whirlpool. A really STRONG one. I mean, I got in it and I had a hard time breaking free of the current to get back out that little opening on the side. But it was COOL.

And then most of the rest of it is devoted to lanes. There's also a big hot tub at the back -- you could fit about 40 people in it -- but they asked us not to get in it since we had so many kids.



Even though it's all indoor, one entire wall is windows, so there's plenty of natural light. It's actually a beautiful place to swim.

One thing I noticed about it is how much decorative tile there is. Tile, then some more tile, and then just in case there wasn't enough green, blue and yellow tile, they added some more for good measure.

See? It went on for miles.

But they also had little palmish plants lining the window wall, which felt kind of tropical. So I cut them a break on all the tile.

Sort of.

We had a great crowd for the Cub Scout Welcome Event. The boys listened intently to the lifeguards' instructions before jumping in.

They listened, but did they OBEY? Who knows. I tried to keep mine on the straight-and-narrow, AS I DO.

But "out of sight, out of mind" is my motto.

What. Is that not a good parenting motto?

Look. I had to keep an eye on the one who WAS within sight at all times. My shadow.

For someone who conquered the ocean just a couple of months ago and loves to jump into our regular pool, she was surprisingly meek about getting into this one.

She never got past knee-deep in the three hours we were there.

That nearly KILLED her brothers, because they so desperately wanted her to come play with them. They wanted to lead her around in the tube, for one thing.


So they just made do on their own.

Everybody seemed to have a great time ... there was never a lull in the action, and everybody stayed the entire time.

The whirlpool was a huge draw for the boys ... a parent stood at the exit most of the time and pulled them out by the arm if they stayed in too long and got too tired.

Nick, of course, never got too tired. He's got an endless energy supply.

I wish I had it. I could use it, oh, EVERY STINKING DAY.

This ended up being one of our last pool outings of the summer, and we didn't even realize it at the time. I can't believe it's already over!

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