Sep 2, 2014

My most recent customized gifts

Last year I introduced you to my friend Robin's adorable Blueberry Hill Handmade designs when she made my kids' Halloween trick-or-treat bags.

Well, this year she's done it for me again, this time with a custom Olaf T-shirt she made for Grayson earlier this summer and a canvas tote bag she customized for Jake's soccer coach (I wanted a functional coach's gift at the end of the season).

I couldn't be more pleased with the way they came out!

Are you wondering if I've ever heard of an iron? NO I HAVE NOT.

The Olaf shirt was a surprise for Grayson, and he was THRILLED. Obviously. Look at that grin.

Robin was so sweet throughout the design process. If I copied and pasted the texts here for you, you guys would want to kill me. I was literally like, "Can you make the cloud a little smaller?" And "Would you mind removing about two-thirds of the snowflakes?" And then, "Can you make the cloud even a LITTLE bit smaller?"

Look. She's a saint. Is what I'm saying. But we finally came up with what I considered to be The Perfect Olaf. INCLUDING THE PERFECT CLOUD AND THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF FLURRY.

I hope I was a slightly easier customer when it came to the soccer tote bag.

I just picked out the bag I wanted and texted her a picture of the design. I liked that this bag had pockets on the front.

Anyway, I think Robin is The Best! I highly recommend her. I did just see a note on her Facebook page that she needs all Halloween orders in by the end of September this year, so if you want one of her cute treat bags, you'd best get right on that.

Visit the Blueberry Hill Handmade Facebook page if you'd like to see more of Robin's designs or place an order for a custom design of your own.

This is not a sponsored post.

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