Jul 31, 2014

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 61

1. I squeeze each new toilet paper roll so that the cardboard center is a perfect cylinder before I place it on the holder. I can't stand it when it's squished into an oval and it thumps its way around.

2. I tried to plug a lamp into an outlet in our bedroom for more than five minutes the other day. I couldn't really reach the outlet, nor could I see it from my position. If you knew how angry I got during that process and the words I used in my head, you'd quit reading this blog altogether.

3. Amelia has a full set of Fisher-Price dolls for her dollhouse that look more or less like the members of our family. I've even been able to expand out to grandparent-level. The only problem is that the mom in the standard set is blonde, so she keeps saying she has "two Aunt Sarah Ellens" and "no Mommy." So I had to buy the Hispanic Mommy. Thanks, Fisher-Price. #brunettesFTW

4. When I see a woman wearing a printed skirt featuring about 12 colors paired with a top in a 13th color, I go bonkers inside. YOUR TOP SHOULD BE ONE OF THE 12 COLORS, NOT A WHOLE NEW ONE. I'm sure they sold a top to go with that skirt, lady.

5. I drive one-handed. I think it's because for the first 15 years of my driving career, I drove a 5-speed manual transmission, so I was just used to having only one hand on the steering wheel all the time. But three automatic transmissions later? Still one hand.

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