Jul 30, 2014

Birmingham's Light Rails

I know most of you aren't local, but I wanted to share some pictures of a neat local thing with you anyway. Last year, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham paid for an installation of  "Light Rails" under the viaducts near Railroad Park.

Designed by artist Bill Fitzgibbons, the lights are really intended to encourage people to walk more downtown and to link some of the northern city streets with the southern streets around the park and the university blocks.

The bridges under which they're installed happen to be within a block or so of my office, so one night after work, I took a few shots of the lights in action. They're so neat ... each of the featured bridges has a different pattern and rhythm to its lights.

I parked my butt right there in the middle of the right-hand lane for about five minutes to get these pictures.

It's possible that one or two drivers honked at me.

It's possible that I didn't care.

I mean, rush hour it was NOT.


I absolutely recommend going downtown to seek them out if you're ever around during the late evening ... They're something to see!

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