Jul 25, 2014

Slices of Life: BEACH 2014 EDITION

Playing Scrabble as Debbie's partner, Jake was tasked with drawing the letters, while Debbie's job was to build the words on the board. Eventually Jake got frustrated because they had such bad letters in their tray.

Jake: "I wish we had better letters!"

Debbie: "Well you're the one who's been picking them."

Jake: (rolls his eyes) "WELL WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?"
• • • • • • •
Jake, lying on the beach:

Jake: "I'm bored. All I wanna do is play more Scribble."

• • • • • • •

Charlie was really concerned about the hurricane, and his mom Tiffany kept reassuring him it was going to be okay.

Charlie: "I really really REALLY think we need to evacuate."

Tiffany: "We're not evacuating; it's gonna be okay."

Charlie: "Okay, but if we die, I'm gonna kill you in heaven."
• • • • • • •
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that three of the kids' cousins got lice the week before our trip. They treated it aggressively, but we were still careful about hugging, sharing towels, etc., at the beach.

Jake was sleeping between two queen-size beds on the floor, and at one point during the day all the kids were in there playing.

Tiffany: "Jake, can Jack sit on your air mattress?"


• • • • • • •

Kim's husband Andrew handed me a glass of wine one evening as the kids were going to bed. PRAISE GOD.

Nick: "What's that?"

Me: "A glass of white wine."

Nick: "REALLY? I didn't know you drink that."

Me: "I don't, usually, but he offered and I accepted."

• • • • • • • 
We sent all the kids into one bedroom on Hurricane Day because they were being too loud. Later in the evening, Nathaniel came to me, hands on hips:

Nathaniel: "Don't send all the kids into our room anymore."

Me: "Why?"

Nathaniel: "They came in here and messed everything up! They tore the sheets off the bed, our quilts are on the floor ... The whole ROOM is a wreck!"

Me: [eyebrows raised]  "WELCOME TO MY LIFE."
 • • • • • • •

Walking down the beach on the last day, just the two of us:  

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