Jul 28, 2014

Grayson & the missing contact

Those of you who wear contacts: Have you ever been standing completely still, in one spot, dropped a contact, LOOKED EVERYWHERE FOR FIVE MINUTES AND NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND IT?

This has happened to me countless times over the decades I've been wearing contacts. My dad taught me a trick when I was in high school, which is to turn all the lights out and use a flashlight to find it. Theoretically, the light will reflect off of the contact lens, making it easier to find. It works sometimes, and I'll tell you one thing: the flashlight that's built into my iPhone certainly makes it more convenient than when I had to run down a set of stairs -- BLIND -- to grab the giant Black & Decker flashlight off of its charger in the kitchen when I was in high school.


This story isn't about me. No matter how hard I try to make it so.

One recent morning, Grayson dropped a contact while getting ready for work. He looked and looked and looked for it. No luck.

Not all that many places it could be, really, because I'll go ahead and tell you that it hadn't fallen on the floor and it wasn't stuck to his cabinet door. It's in the picture below.

See it yet?

Here's the funny thing: He didn't find it until over a week later, probably when he went to change out his hand towel.

It wasn't even BEHIND the hand towel ... I think it's just that he doesn't look at that wall, and it never occurred to him that he would've flung his contact there. But he did.

And there it stayed, just hanging out, for a week or so. And when he found it, do you know what he said?

He asked me, "Do I need to leave it there for a few minutes so you can take a picture for the blog?"


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