Jul 23, 2014

Beach 2014: Friday

Before I show you the glory of Friday, let me remind you what it looked like on Thursday:

Now, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. From the same spot on Friday morning:

I swear to you, I WAS IN THE SAME SPOT WHEN I TOOK BOTH OF THOSE PICTURES. Right at the bottom of the dunes. Yep.

Looking to the left on Thursday:

And looking to the left on Friday:

Looking to the right on Thursday:

And looking to the right on Friday:

Another one to the right on Thursday:

And to the right on Friday:

Arthur sure did leave behind some beautiful weather. When people say that, they aren't kidding.

We headed out early and got right down to business.

I'd venture to say that the waves on Friday were probably more fun for the kids than the waves on Wednesday had been. THEY HAD A BLAST.

I regret to inform you that it is possible that the kids may never be satisfied by any future beach vacation. Ever.

And it will all be the fault of Hurricane Arthur. He gave them the waves of a lifetime.

While I was watching the big kids play in the waves, I happened to notice Grayson and Amelia walking away, down the beach. Sweet.

Grant and Nathaniel started a game that entailed crossing their arms over their chests and falling backwards into the waves.

They (on the right) did that for like 30 minutes while the other kids rode their bodyboards.

They just ... waited for the waves to come in, and then fell into them.

As utterly FASCINATING as that was to watch, after a while I turned and noticed that Grayson and Amelia were on their way back.

After seeing her become such a little waterbug this year, I'm excited to see what she does next year when we go back.

Jake played so hard that morning that he collapsed in front of our chairs before lunchtime.

He was so tuckered out, he stayed there for about half an hour with his eyes closed, at times rubbing his fingers on the sand, at times lying completely still.

If I ever lie down in the sand like that, call the coroner. I'm dead.

I had to take some pictures of half of our crew out in the water.

It looks like some emergency is taking place, but no.

There were just 25 of us there, so if half of us got in the water at the same time, it looked like a mob scene.

I'll tell you this: With that many people in the ocean, it made it substantially harder to find my three bile-green rashguards.

But I managed.

It really did make me laugh, though ... I was thinking, "If there's a family of four around here looking at us, they think we're NUTS."

Just when I thought it couldn't get any busier out there, two surfers joined us.

One of them was able to catch a wave pretty quickly, but the other one wasn't as experienced.

Amelia was so excited to see a real surfer!

I'd never really seen anyone get up and STAY up, so I was paying close attention, myself.

I've heard it's harder to surf smaller waves than the bigger ones like they have in Hawaii, so I was impressed that he was able to stay up for so long.

So was Amelia.

He did some nice carving ...

I kept looking back to see if his buddy ever caught a wave, but I never saw him get up.

This guy had a great run ... and then I happened to catch him totally biting it right in front of us. Oops.

I think the surfer inspired Gerry, though. He hopped on one of the bodyboards right after that.

The master at work.

The afternoon found some folks engaging in more relaxing pursuits ... Andrew and Will played cornhole (the game with the worst name ever).

Adam spent a little time taking a nap. Otherwise known as LIVIN' THE DREAM.

Internet, he was out cold. I probably could've smacked him across the face without waking him up.

Gerry was also having a pretty good day.

Everyone spent as much time as possible outside on Friday, since it was our last day on the beach ... we were mad at Arthur for having taken an entire day away from us, and yet it ended up being quite the experience.

Not something I want to repeat, but something I'm glad to have experienced once.

On Friday Jake and I spent a lot of the day combing through the wet sand, looking for the tiny little clams that burrow deeper every time a fresh wave rolls in. He was fascinated by them!

We were careful to keep them moistened and safe, but we must have dug up and played with more than 50 of them over the course of the day, then watched them borrow back into the sand moments later.

Well, I think that does it in terms of our Beach Week Wrap-up! Hope you enjoyed it, especially since I endeavored to cover it WITHIN THE MONTH IN WHICH IT OCCURRED.

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