Apr 23, 2014

Amelia's first movie. Spoiler alert: It was 'Frozen'

I have a sneaking suspicion that none of you -- NOT A ONE OF YOU -- have had your fill of seeing my kids dressed in ill-fitting clothes.

So, I decided to share with you pictures of Amelia's First Movie Outing.

Nick threw up in a movie theater about four years ago and, since then, has refused to set foot in another theater. Even the prospect of joining Amelia for her very first movie wasn't big enough bait for him to bite. So Grayson stayed home with him, and Jake, Nathaniel, Amelia and I met our babysitter Anna to see Frozen.

I should mention that it wasn't QUITE that simple. We met her for a 1:30 at our regular theater on a Saturday afternoon, only to find out that the schedule had changed from the night before and it wasn't actually showing until 4:30. So we had to quickly find the next-closest theater with a similar showtime (10 miles south), then get there for a 2:20. WE MADE IT, including a side trip to Target.

We got everyone all snacked up and then headed to our destiny.

The movie had been out for weeks at that point, so there were signs posted outside the theater telling us which showings were the "sing-along" times. We were NOT there for a sing-along, since this was Amelia's and my first time to see it (Jake and Nathaniel had seen it over Thanksgiving). Today? We'd be all about the sing-along.

Anna wasn't there to babysit ... Even though Amelia had never been to a movie before, I knew she'd sit through it with no problem. Anna was there to fully participate and be part of the experience with us. She's been part of so many of our kids' milestones over the past nine years!

BUT. Amelia did end up wanting to start the movie in Anna's lap, and it WAS Amelia's day, after all.

So she sat with Anna for the first half, then moved over to my lap. She ADORED the movie. Ate it up with a spoon. Every single, solitary minute of it. She was obsessed with it before it was over.

I don't know whether I'm sorry or relieved that we hadn't seen it before we went to Disney earlier in February ... probably relieved. She would've wanted to stand in the three-hour line to meet Anna and Elsa, and I just don't know that we could've done it.

Amelia didn't want to leave the theater. She wanted to stay and watch it again and again.

She was more than a little bit pitiful about the fact that we were literally DRAGGING her away from Frozen.

NEVER FEAR, INTERNET. She has since watched it in our cul-de-sac during Friday-night movie night, back-to-back about 16 times when I rented it for a weekend via Amazon, and we just gave it to Jake on DVD for his birthday.

So she's covered.

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