Apr 24, 2014

Life Hacks by Grass: iPod & iPhone photo sets for toddlers

This isn't something that I ever thought I'd share with the masses, but Amelia's ended up enjoying this so much that I suppose I should.

She's always loved swiping through the pictures on my iPhone, so when we got her an iPod a while ago (mostly to preserve the boys' iPods and my phone), I loaded a number of family pictures onto it for her. It only took her about half a day to figure out how to take pictures and record video on it, too, so she's added her own over time.

But her obsessions? Her obsessions are Frozen, Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse & friends, Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. And I knew pictures of those guys were easily within my reach. MOMMY WAS ABOUT TO BE A HERO.

1. On your iPod or iPhone, open Safari and type your character or item in the Google search bar.

2. When the search results display, tap the Images option so that the results are filtered by images only.

3. Tap the thumbnail of the image you'd like to save to your device to enlarge it, then touch and hold it to make the menu appear.

3a. If you get the menu shown below, tap Save Image

3b. If you don't get an option to Save Image, tap the image to go to the source page. Once you're on the source page, touch and hold it to make the menu appear. Then tap Save Image.

Whatever your child's pleasure, the Internet is full of it, I ASSURE YOU. This process takes less than five seconds per image.

Now in addition to Amelia's beloved family photos, she can flip through her own personal version of People Magazine anytime she wants to.  #winning


Whether your child is into characters such as these, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Spider-Man ... or if you have a child who just likes trains, or dump trucks, bulldozers and bucket trucks ... this is an easy way to load his or her iPod (or your iPhone or iPad) up with an album of images that can be enjoyed for a few minutes at a time if you need, for example, TO GO TO THE RESTROOM UNINTERRUPTED.

It was my pleasure, Internet.

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