Apr 16, 2014



You are 6 and you blow my mind every single day. No lie.

You and I are in the middle of reading the Bible together from start to finish. We’re in the middle of the Old Testament in the Jesus Storybook Bible, which is both your speed AND my speed. You are so hilarious with your questions as we move through the books, and you want to read as many chapters as I can make it through in one night. Right now Noah’s Ark is your favorite story, but you thought it was SUPER-COOL when God parted the Red Sea.

You have more energy in your right thumb than I have in my entire body. You swing your plastic nunchuks around while you watch TV. You bounce on the trampoline for 30 minutes without taking a break. As a matter of fact, you jump on and off of anything you can whenever you can; the arm of the brown sofa is black from the bottoms of your feet. That is not hyperbole. It’s actually black. 

You are SO friendly … you’ve never met a stranger. You make friends no matter where you go. The pool, the store, you talk to store clerks. Somehow you’re an extrovert born to two introverts, and it’s hilarious to us. You’re really affectionate … a couple of weeks before school was out, you sidled up to your teacher and kissed her arm during class while she wasn’t really paying attention. She was so surprised, she turned and asked, “Jake! Did you just kiss me?” And you said, “No … YES.” 


Your affection for Amelia drives her NUTS. You won’t leave her alone. She has smacked you on the head, in the face, on the arm, kicked you in your private parts … all just to get you to quit hugging her or kissing her. But you won’t give up. You love to snuggle and you particularly want to love on Amelia. She loves you, but you are OBSESSED with her. It makes me laugh and laugh hard.

You’re the same way with me, except that I crave it. I love that you hug me and don’t want to let me go. I love that you want to curl up in my lap and put your head on my shoulder. I adore the feeling of your hand in mine as we walk across a parking lot – even though Amelia (at 2) refuses to hold my hand most of the time, you still reach for it. I don’t know if you’ll ever NOT feel like my baby. And that’s okay with me. 

You’re kind of like a human Golden Retriever. IN OTHER WORDS, PERFECT.

I have no idea what Daddy and I could possibly have done to inspire you to be the incredible little man you’ve become. You are unintentionally funny, intentionally kind, insatiably curious and irrepressibly fun. God broke the mold when He made you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I love you with all my heart, my little Golden Retriever.


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