Sep 18, 2013

Pinch-hitting: Uncomfortable truths by Rachel Callahan, take 2

Rachel's (Grasping for Objectivity) already done this once, but I guess it was just too much fun. So she's back again ... before I even got through my final other few guest-posters!

If you missed her first set of Uncomfortable Truths, please feel free to go back and catch up. And when you're done, here's another set:

1. I cannot sleep on the right side of any bed, ever. However, I got the notion in my head that when Chris and I got married, I should be on the right side of the bed. So on our wedding night, I got comfortable on the right side of the bed. An hour later, I woke him up, told him "This will never do!" and made him swap with me. I've never attempted sleeping on the right side of the bed again.

2. I don't rate iPhone apps. But anytime an app prompts me to rate it, I tell it "remind me later," because I'm afraid that if I say "No Thanks," it will spitefully erase all of my user data. Or worse, hack my phone. 
3. I have a sixth sense. I can tell how high a bed is off the ground while laying on it. I seriously do sense it -- just as much as the weather girl on Mean Girls can tell if it's raining. (Or maybe more.) Chris says I just remember how high it was when I got in the bed, but I know that's not true. By the way -- I hate low beds. 
4. I get so completely angry at my eyes when I look at them in one of those magnifying mirrors. Because they're obviously and without question green. But get three inches away, and they look brown. So clearly, everyone needs to get all up in my business so they can realize I have green eyes.
5. Chris has spent our entire married life trying to convince me to take vitamins, but I have resisted continuously, because I have a tiny throat and THEY'RE HORSE PILLS. However, this summer I discovered Adult Gummy Vitamins. I now overdose on a daily basis.

{Me again. (Grass!)} So, BONUS! Because I've had my friends sharing theirs with you lately, my OWN Uncomfortable Truths have been stacking up in my Drafts. So today's a double-header. That's right, Grass Stains fans ... it's an Internet first: AN UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS DOUBLE-HEADER.

Come back after lunch for another set ... mine!

(If you're new here, you can read many, many more Uncomfortable Truths here.)

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absepa said...

I get so tired of being asked to rate things--there should be some way to notify all entities that I do not plan to rate anything, ever. Hear that, developers? We don't want to rate things. And don't get all spiteful and hack Rachel's phone, either.

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