Sep 17, 2013

A day at Smith Lake

I'm way behind on sharing pictures of our recent exploits. There's a good reason for this, and it's called Time.

If I could figure out how to blog while I drive, that would be FANTASTIC. Because these photo-intense posts that my sister enjoys so much are great and all, but they take way more time to produce than, say, a regular installment of Uncomfortable Truths.

Anyway. These pictures are from weekend before last, when we went up to Smith Lake, a beautiful man-made, crystal-clear lake in north Alabama, where our friends Mike and Lisa have a home. We go up once a summer and meet Honor and Doug and their kids there. Amelia was being ultra-charming (read: acting EVERY INCH OF TWO YEARS OLD) and refused to be in this picture, but here are eight-ninths of our kids:

When I asked them to jump in the lake together on the count of three, here's what happened:

Clearly we need to work a little bit on our obedience and our synchronization. There's always Summer 2014.

We piled in the boat and went for a ride on Saturday morning, and when we stopped to get gas, the station owner scooped a big turtle up out of the water for the kids to see.

He had the most beautiful coloration!

Honor and I sat in the front of the boat with most of the kids. It was like Times Square.

Remember how when you were in high school you thought pontoon boats were lame? Well. When you're carting nine kids around a lake, THEY'RE THE BOMB.

We motored over to a spot named The Diving Board, and Jake really wanted to try it. Doug went up with him to help encourage him off the edge. I wasn't sure if he'd go for it, because it was a lot higher than the 10-foot board he'd jumped off of at Point Mallard a few weeks ago.

Doug ended up jumping off with him ... they did it!

The more people that jumped off, the wetter my lens got, so I'm sorry for the water spots. I had my waterproof camera in the lake with me, but I also had Amelia in my arms, and I didn't have a way to dry off the lens.

Haley jumped off like a pro.

Nick put a different spin on his entry every time he jumped off.

DJ was the bravest of them all ... he did front flips!

Grayson jumped, too. (And Amelia clapped for him.)

After every jump, the kids swam over to the side, climbed up the rocky cliff and jumped again. I don't know where they get the energy.

Hannah wasn't one bit afraid.

After Jake did it once, he couldn't be stopped. He wanted to go again and again ...

And he didn't need any assistance after that first time!

After a full day of excitement, we headed back to the house for lasagna and hang-out time. Amelia got in some time with the boys playing her very favorite game: Knock-out Punch. That's where she smacks you and you fall over dead. I'm sure her teachers at school are so happy that this has become her favorite game and that everyone in her "private life" encourages it and thinks it's hilarious.

She also got in some good snuggle time with Hannah.

We're so lucky to have such good friends. And such good friends with a house on the lake.

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