Sep 16, 2013

I had some thoughts on some pictures

I was recently asked to start guest-posting on a pop-culture blog once a month. Yea! Then the site promptly went defunct before I ever had a chance to post. Boo. I'd already spent all this time and effort writing a post. Yea! Now I have nowhere to put it. Boo. OOH, I HAVE A BLOG OF MY OWN! Yea! I don't write about pop culture there. Boo.


In all of my wisdom as sole owner of this site, I have decided that even though these pictures are now WEEKS OLD, I am going to share this post with you anyway. Because how better to show you how much I love you than to give you weeks-old content? I'll tell you what's new: my snarky commentary.

Also: I have a secondary reason for posting it. I wanted to know if you guys would be even marginally interested in me posting some random observations about entertainment. Not weekly TV show recaps, not (necessarily) more of my thoughts on paparazzi photos, but just anything that crosses my mind.

For instance, my sister forwarded me a nugget of an idea I'd love to write about, and it combines two of My Great Loves: television and the '80s. I'm probably going to write that one, regardless, because it's just too much fun not to. (And people really liked my other posts about the '80s. 1 2 3 4 5 -- Remember I lost all my comments earlier this year. Just trust me on this. People really liked them.) But let me know if you're interested in any more -- after you read this one.

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People magazine recently tweeted that perennially pouty Kristen Stewart was carrying her own bags though LAX. For the record, it looks like a single bag – ONE DUFFEL – to me. Um, is the appropriate response “Bravo?” People missed the bigger headline: KStew was flying somewhere with a single duffel and not even a purse in sight. THAT deserves a Bravo. (photo courtesy of 

As low-maintenance as Kristen seems to be, Kim and Kanye took it in the other direction when they each walked virtually empty-handed while their nanny carried North for them. Babies be heavy, yo. (photo courtesy of

Now this one, THIS ONE, has been talked to death. Miley has taken a lot of heat over it, and here’s all I want to add to the fray: Miley is 20 years old, unmarried and trying hard to make a distinction between the squeaky-clean Disney protégé she once was and the edgy pop star she wants to be. Robin Thicke is a married 36-year-old dad. All I’m saying is, I don’t understand why Miley’s gotten the bulk of the bad press. (photo courtesy of (although I’m not sure “courtesy of” is even the correct terminology in this instance)

Daft Punk. I just, it's just, they just confuse me. Do they always dress like that, or is it just for album covers and promotional stuff? I’d heard of them, and then I finally heard their big hit (Get Lucky), and I was like, “Really? Those goth Power Ranger guys sing THAT?” (photo courtesy of

And finally, I couldn’t close without gifting you with a picture of Madonna’s diamond grille. She pulled a Lochte. So now we know what Hillary Clinton would look like with a grille. (photo courtesy of borrowed from

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