Jul 3, 2013

This year's beach trip t-shirts

If you've been reading for several years, you know that July is the month of our annual family beach trip.

Up until last year, we always went over the 4th of July, so typically we'd be gone this week. But last year we moved it back a week and went the week following the week of the 4th, and we're doing that again this year. So this time next week, there will be 13 adults and 13 children sharing one house at Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

It's a trip for Grayson's extended family, one we've actually been doing for more than 10 years, but this is our 10th year of making "the odyssey" since we added the first children to the mix.

Over the years we've had several T-shirt designs for the kids ...

And last year most of the adults ordered a shirt, too. Here's a shot of last year's design, which was put together by Grayson's niece Tiffany:

(Sorry ... I didn't purposefully get a shot of the back side of the shirt, so this was just in the background of another picture.)

It really is sweet to get pictures of all the kids in their shirts together. (Amelia even got one!)

This year Tiff abdicated the T-shirt Throne to me, so I took a stab at it. I went with a turquoise/teal tone for the shirt, an oval "OIB" logo that's intended to kind of mimic the shape of the popular window decals you see on cars all the time, and a sort of childlike typeface that I thought spoke to the fun atmosphere of the week.

The rear side of the shirt features a big note about our 10 years and includes all of the kids' names (G's name still has to remain protected for now.)

I KNOW there are lots of opinions about wearing matching family shirts for beach vacations. You don't have to remind me. I actually opted out last year, but I'm suiting up this year. No one's gonna tell ME I'm not a team player.

Anyway, this post serves as Fair Warning to anyone who has a strong aversion to Coordinated Beach Family Photos, JAMIE. There will be one here at some point in the near future.

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