Jul 2, 2013

So I got this nice warning ...

Until last year I wasn't ever much of a texter.

Like, someone might text me, and I would call them back with an answer.

I know, right? Well, let me tell you. Although I love to be on the cutting edge of technology, I stuck with my old phone for a loooooong time. It had a color screen (slap yo mama!), but if you wanted to type a text, you had to use the number keys to do it. So, you know, tap 5 three times to get to L, tap 8 twice to get to U ... yeah, it was brutal.

So you can understand why I hated texting.

Then I got an iPhone, and basically it started carpooling and cooking supper. Well, maybe not all THAT, but it certainly made texting easier.

Still, I didn't do a ton of it, and until last weekend, I'd never come close to my monthly text limit.

Then I got into sort of a texting frenzy with Jamie, Rachel and Katie over a 48-hour period. And I woke up to these friendly FREE TEXTS from Verizon:


I don't know how many texts are on my plan. I don't know how many texts I used over the weekend.

I don't even know if it's talking about the 26th of June or the 26th of July! And if you think there's ANY chance I know my password for vzw.com, you're sorely mistaken.

I'm thinking of texting Wendy Davis and asking her to stage a filibuster to make this all go away.

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