Jul 5, 2013

The plan for Beach Week

So I mentioned that we'll be at the beach all week next week. I did not mention -- but now I SHALL -- that our home will not be empty while we are away. (That note is only for the crazy people. Not for YOU, of course.)

I used to take a couple of hours every night while we were gone, download my pictures and write a post about the day. Last year, I didn't do that. At the family's request, I made an attempt to be more "present," to save my posting until I got home so that I could participate more with the group in the late evenings.

I mean, REALLY, Internet. Who am I to prevent people from enjoying my company? I AM SUCH A DELIGHT.

So. I have a few things scheduled to go up while I'm gone, but not beach posts. Other stuff, stuff I hope you'll enjoy. And then when I get back, you'll have a whole week's worth of beach posts to look forward to -- and hopefully they'll be worth the wait.

Deal? Hope so.

Y'all have a lovely week in the meantime. I'll miss you.

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