Jul 23, 2013

The beach: Day 4

Wednesday was another beautiful day. I don't know if you guys have noticed this in the pictures I've already shared or not, but the clouds at Ocean Isle are so low that it feels like you can touch them. In Birmingham, they float way up in the sky, but at Ocean Isle, it seemed like they were just above our heads. Beautiful, puffy clouds.

Anyway, on Wednesday morning I inflated an exercise ball, and Grayson dug a hole so we could bury it on the beach. My idea was that we could use it as a little mini-trampoline for the kids, since they weren't able to get in the ocean much. They immediately embraced it and started flying!

They had a great time, and it kept them entertained for a good while. I hate that I missed getting any pictures of Nick, but he didn't discover the ball until after I'd already taken Amelia up to the house for the afternoon. That little show-off did FLIPS!

Let me just tell you ... if you have $12 to invest in an exercise ball when you go to the beach, this was really a lot of fun. Highly recommend!

While I took pictures of the kids jumping off of the ball, Grayson took Amelia down to the water's edge. I'd love to tell you this was the day she fell in love with the beach.

But no.

She's not a fan of loud noises, and the crashing waves definitely fell into that category. She kept covering her ears and pointing to the house.

She'd take her hand away from her ear, reach for me, point to the house, then cover her ear again.

Eventually I took pity on her, Grayson gave her a kiss, and I took her back up to the pool.

Later in the evening, we came back down to the beach to take some pictures of Heather and Adam's family. Pretty picturesque group, no?

Yeah, they're pretty adorable.

My sister-in-law Patsy also wanted to get some shots of her grandkids together, so Heather and Tiffany had coordinated their kids outfits for the occasion.

And Heather and Adam again, just because they're so darn cute.

More tomorrow!

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