Jul 19, 2013

The beach: Day 3

Although we typically wait until a little later in the week to do our group picture, this year Gary had to travel home on Wednesday, so we gathered on the back porch Tuesday evening.

A few points of note:

We're thinking about taking our group pictures on the beach itself next year.

Next up was a picture of Rudy with the grandkids and great-grandkids. (Our kids are his grandkids ... the others in the picture are his great-grands.)

And here he is with our four ... we so rarely have a chance to get this shot! Again, I'm totally distracted by the kids' shoes, but several of them got splinters during the week, so we were pretty insistent that they wear shoes when they were on the deck.

Immediately after those shots, I had other shirts ready for our family to change into (except Grayson) for a separate shot of us. We poor girls had quite a time controlling our hair in the wind. There really was no point.

Long-time readers will recognize these next couple of pictures as "annuals." We've been taking these since the oldest kids were really small ... my debit card even has the 2006 version of this image on it!

I suppose one day they'll quit agreeing to hold hands for it, but I hope they'll continue to agree to at least STAND THERE. It's too sweet to give up.

As we broke up and headed back toward the house, Amelia stopped to give Abby a hug. They stood there like that for several long moments.

The next thing I heard was Nathaniel and Grant yelling, "Hey, hey, we can recreate that! Look at this!"


Mikey and Charlie, as close as two cousins can be.

Grant, Abby and Will ... representing for New York.

And finally, our "Four As." When we were expecting Amelia, Ali, Abby and Anna Kate were so hopeful that we'd come up with a girl name that started with an A. They desperately wanted a "fourth" in their tribe. Luckily, we were able to come up with one we loved.

Oh, and I got a bunch of questions about these shirts when I first posted about them ... I designed them at CustomInk.com, and I loved working with them. The website design tool is really easy to use, they have lots of shirt colors from which to choose, and I highly recommend them. The shirt and ink quality are excellent. (Not a paid endorsement ... just my personal opinion.)

Several more beach posts still to come ...

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