Jul 24, 2013

The beach: Day 5

Thursday was a big day.

It was a day that Grayson (generally deemed The Oceanmaster -- maybe if only by himself) pronounced the ocean safe for the kids.

The waves were still higher than usual, but the strong undertow and ripcurrents were gone.

Ideal conditions for bodyboarding, and we didn't have to tell the boys twice.

Some rides were more successful than others ...

And it was often hard to fight the waves to get out deep enough to catch the next one.

But the wave height was GREAT.

The boys loved the challenge.

After so many days of being timid in the water and being mostly confined to the sand, it was great to see our group enjoying the ocean. (And again, it looked like you could just reach up and touch those cotton-candy clouds.)

They bodysurfed for HOURS.

We knew that the forecast called for severe thunderstorms and flooding the next day, so we wanted to take full advantage of our last day on the beach.

They managed.

I'm so thankful the ocean did not disappoint. It was active and frothy and all sorts of fun for them.

I loved watching their anticipation build as the waves approached.

And the expressions on their faces when they busted through them were priceless.

Eventually they tuckered out and had to take a break for some castle time.

If you follow me on Instagram (grass_stains_the_blog) or Twitter (@grass_stains), you've already seen this picture, but it's one of my favorite from the week. We must have had 20 shovels of various sizes and descriptions on the beach, and at some point on Thursday, I think they were all in use. Happy faces, too.

Thursday was magical for me, especially, because Grayson took a turn with Amelia at the house and gave me two hours on the beach with the boys. TWO HOURS OF SITTING IN A CHAIR ON THE BEACH. No hangers-on, no whining, no questions, nothing. I didn't even take a book. I just sat. And enjoyed this view.

The boys played with their cousins, I watched them, and I stared at the clouds. First time in 10 years at the beach I think I've done that, and it was amazing. (Thanks, Grayson!) It gave me a glimpse of what things will be like in about three or four years, and it looks like it'll be pretty good.

The time after supper was spent as usual ... clean, shiny kids piled up on the couches with their electronics, showing each other their coolest new apps, trying to beat each others' high scores, cheering each other on.

Even Aunt Debbie and Jakey did it.

Some sweet moments that last sunny day ...

The forecast was correct ... Our last day at Ocean Isle did indeed bring thunderstorms and local flooding, so tomorrow's post will cover our Fun Day! Of Indoor Activities! For 26 People In One House!

See you then.

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