Jul 1, 2013

Canvas gallery wall

Do you know what happens sometimes when a regular blogger does a design-related post?

You get to see something that COULD look really beautiful, except you get to see it in cell-phone pictures.

I would apologize profusely for that, except that you've found yourself on a blog titled GRASS STAINS, not Nesting Place or The Inspired Room. So you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit, as they say.

At any rate, I have a huge wall above our sectional sofa in the den, and I (long ago) decided that I wanted to do a canvas gallery wall on it. I chose to do nine 12x12 canvases, which I had printed at Costco, and I finally got around to hanging them up ... after I'd had them sitting in a stack on my hearth for about four months. (Again, GRASS STAINS.)

They help balance out the fireplace and large mantel that are to the left of the sofa, and they make me smile every time I look at them.

I chose one recent photo of each of the kids to enlarge, and one that was several years old (or, in Amelia's case, just about a year old). As they get older, I plan to have more made and either swap out some of the ones on this wall, or simply add three on each side of this set to have a total of 15 instead of nine ... one day.

The wall and couch are both so large that I think they could support 15, but who knows ... by then, I may have moved on to a totally new idea.

For now, though, I'm absolutely thrilled with the way this turned out!

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