Jun 14, 2013

Flashback Friday: August 1988

Okay, when we last convened here for Flashback Friday, I had just famously Sun-Inned my hair. Ohhh, 1988, you were such an interesting year.

Let's say, just for argument's sake, that you thought it couldn't get any worse. Like, that coppery, permed hair I was sporting in July of 1988 couldn't get any more coppery and CERTAINLY not any more permed.

Well. You would be mistaken. Because, my dear Internet, August 1998 will go down in history as the month and year in which I discovered THE SPIRAL PERM. There I am, on the left.

No, no. Sorry. That's my friend Tennylle (and then Brent, Charley and JC). I'M the one on the far right, the one whose oily T-zone, sunburned cheeks, and Sun-Inned, spiral-permed hair have now blinded you for life.

You're welcome.

I bet when Brent saw me with that spiral perm for the first time, he said to himself, "Let's just go ahead and cut off these matching friendship bracelets. I can't be associated with THAT hot mess."

In my defense ... well. I have no defense. But at least I didn't braid my hair in corn rows like Leslie did.


I think a bunch of us had ridiculous hair around that age, but my hair was among the worst. No wonder the guys threw all of us in the pool. (Look! There's Cerigwyn in the water beside me. Blog reader alert!)

P.S. There's nothing better than being thrown in a pool while wearing ginormous white shorts with even bigger pockets. And losing a contact in there.

Bright side: Even an unexpected dunk in chlorinated water can't keep a spiral perm down for long. My tresses bounced right back in fine form almost immediately.

Yes, you may leave all of your haircare questions in the Comments. I'll be happy to answer them using all of my professional expertise.

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