Jun 17, 2013

Pinch-hitting: I watched people do things at the pool, by Amelia

Hi, Errbody, It's me, Amelia!

Mommy's already told you about one trip to the pool this Summer, so she thought it would be better if I told you about the one we took on Sunday.

She got me really excited about it because she said it was a New Pool! That we'd Never Been To Before! And it had Cool Stuff!

And it did. I mean, it had cool stuff. And we'd never been there before.

So of course my BROTHERS just jumped right in and didn't look back.

But I wasn't like, TOTALLY sure I wanted to get right in.

I mean, these are important decisions that have to be pondered. Considered carefully.

I finally decided it might be okay if I got in A LITTLE BIT.

If anybody reading this out there is under, like, 4 years old, you've gotta know that you can't make this too easy on them. They can't just trot you out in public to a new place and expect you to be okay with it. WE'VE GOTTA MAKE 'EM WORK FOR IT.

Also, it came to my attention on Sunday that I'm the only one in the family who doesn't have their own goggles.


That's a'ight. I'll just borrow Nick's.

Girls. Listen up. When you take goggles off your head, be aware that they'll give you some fierce bedhead.

Mommy said I looked like some dude named Jack Nicholson. I don't know who that is, but I'm guessing it's not a compliment.

I believe that's called "kicking someone while they're down." I mean, I don't make fun of HER when SHE'S got wet hair, so I don't know why she started in on ME.

We were at this place Mommy kept calling "The Y," and at these "Y" places, you have to pass some kind of swim test to be able to play on the funnest stuff. In other words, I COULDN'T.

But Jake, Nathaniel and Nick could pretty much go wherever they wanted.

Jake loved this red mushroom that poured water over him. Nathaniel took me in it, and let me tell you: It was overrated.

Nathaniel and Nick also spent a whole lot of their day on the water slides.

Again, even though I tried to go up the ladder, I WASN'T ALLOWED.

Pretty much I got to wade in the shallow end and jump off the side to whomever was in the mood to catch me.

Thank goodness for Nathaniel. (Yes, Mommy probably caught me more than 100 times, but it's part of her JOB, so she doesn't get extra credit for that.)

It was easy to tell Nathaniel and Nick were having a good time all day. I mean, they were All Smiles All the Time.

But like, truth be told, I'm pretty sure if you asked them, they'd say they were happiest when they were playing with me.

Why else would they have run back and forth filling my bucket up with water more than 50 times apiece?

So yes, I'd go back. Even though I can't do all the big-kid stuff.

*sigh*  I suppose I can find a few things to do there, if I have to.

It definitely wasn't ALL bad.

Mommy? Hey, Mommy? Can we go back tomorrow?

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