Mar 12, 2013

Pinch-hitting: A substitute thank-you note, by Amelia

Morning, Errbody! It's me, Amelia, again.

One day last week UPS delivered a huge box to our house, and when we opened it up, it was a collection of costumes from Aunt Sarah Ellen. Wheeeee! And so Mommy's been really busy, and this morning she was like, "Amelia, you know what Aunt Sarah Ellen would like even more than a thank-you note from me? A blog post by you."

So if you were wondering why child labor laws came about, now you know.


Nathaniel, Nick and I opened this big box of costumes, and there was a Princess Leia costume and a regular princess costume in there for me. I immediately -- and I mean IMMEDIATELY -- pointed to the regular princess costume and told Mommy, "More." I wanted that one.

This one.

I know it doesn't LOOK like I love it, but I really, really like it. I was just standing there tapping my foot while I was waiting for Mommy to get everything on her camera ready.

Nathaniel -- I'M SORRY I MEAN SPIDEY -- and I were supposed to just STAND there, patiently waiting, while she got all her ducks in a row or whatever.

Like she thinks now that I can stand up and walk a little bit, I should just do it for hours on end.

I don't know how much of this my heart can take, Internet.

 So Nathaniel and I were just shooting the breeze while we were STILL WAITING ...

 When all of a sudden I was like, "DUDE! Hold up. I just heard the most SUSPICIOUS NOISE."

I was looking around, trying to figure out where it came from, when Nathaniel said, "I didn't hear anything." And I was like, "Of COURSE you didn't. You don't have your MASK on. Put it back on."

 Everyone knows your Spidey Senses don't work right when you don't have your mask on.

 You'd think it only takes a second to put a simple MASK on, but apparently not.

Quite frankly, I was afraid that by the time he got it back on, my belt would have worked its way up around my neck.

This whole time, mind you, I'M the one who had to keep a lookout for whatever had caused the suspicious noise.

 Internet. Just look at what I was dealing with.

Finally Einstein over there was able to work the mask down over an area reasonably near his eyes, so we went with it.

Well, if you look closely, I suppose you can tell that it's really just his eyebrows you can see through there, but I won't tell Mommy if you won't.

I think she basically wanted to try to get some good pictures of me in my costume, so I pretty much decided to turn on the charm.

I think Mommy ended up being pretty happy with the pictures she got, all things considered.

Maybe next time I won't scream bloody murder and rip the tiara off my head before we even get started.

I said MAYBE.

Catch ya' later! Gotta go take this getup off before the belt strangles me.

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