Mar 13, 2013

More superheroes and a princess

Amelia left a few pictures out of her post yesterday. She forgot The Hulk, for one.

Those pants just slay me. Best part of the costume, in my opinion.

And also, Captain America.

I mean, I'm sorry but Jake's a much better Captain America than Chris Evans was.

Spidey and our little princess rounded out the crew quite well, I think.

I was able to get one of them together, but Amelia's gown was all mussed up. This just made me want to take these outfits to our next professional shoot and have pictures taken in them. Because see?


1 comment:

Leanne R said...

Totally agree, the group shot is fabulous. princess Amelia and all of her superheroes- what could possibly be better? LOVE IT.

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