Mar 14, 2013

My Sunday-afternoon date with Jakey

This isn't a sponsored post. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I've never DONE a sponsored post, but I always feel the need to be a responsible blogger and tell you that.

Anyway, I'm about to throw about 30 pictures of a Disney stage show in your face, but it's only because I was really impressed with it. Even though they didn't give me my tickets for free. Or our cotton candy. Or Jake's shirt. Or his flashing light toy that he JUST HAD TO HAVE.

Yes. Even though. I still really enjoyed the show. So did Jake! It's hard to tell that on a scale of 1 to 10, at the moment I took the picture below -- before the show started -- his excitement level was at roughly 11.

Who wears their helmets with the chinstraps up on their faces like that? Jockeys? Equestrians? German soldiers? I don't know. But it's a familiar look for some reason.

Jakey was not a fan of the chinstrap, so it was not long for this world. What was more popular was the cotton candy. Not that this should come as a surprise, because who doesn't like cotton candy?

Guess who wasn't bothered in the least by the chinstrap? Nor by the fact that no other adult in the concert hall was wearing mouse ears?

Mickey's Music Fest started right on time, and it began with The Big Four: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. We had great seats, about eighth row, so we could see everyone really well!

The first big group number was Aladdin, and they actually brought mattresses and a couple of small trampolines on stage so the actors could bounce around. I'm not sure if you can tell much from this picture, but two of the actors are in mid-air.

I loved watching Magic Carpet run around the stage, just because it was a carpet. With feet.

The actors mouthed everything ... I don't think they were miked at all. The voices that came over the speakers were the actual actors' voices from the films, but the stage actors did a great job lip syncing.

One thing I did NOT expect was the amount of ballroom dancing we would see. Each of the couples did some pretty impressive dancing, including lifts.

Aside from classic Disney tunes, they also showcased some current music. One of my favorites was when Triton's daughters danced to Beyonce's All the Single Ladies, complete with all the choreography.

At intermission, Jakey decided he wanted to change into his new Buzz and Woody T-shirt. We were very classy and did that right there in his seat.

If you think I wanted to fight the crowds of grumpy mothers with children who needed to pee during a Disney Live! show at the civic center so that my male child could change his T-shirt in the privacy of a dank bathroom, you don't know me at all.

Ariel was good on her own ...

But Ursula the Sea Witch was, like, CRAZY AMAZING. That costume. Wow.

Ariel and Prince Eric did a lot of dancing.

And near the end of their dance, these flamingos came out ... they were sort of wild.

Finally, it was the moment Jakey had been waiting for. TOY STORY TIME.

Woody was really animated and could rock a lasso, but he didn't look as much like the REAL Woody in the face as he could have.

But Jessie really did! The resemblance was striking.

Woody and Jessie did a big jumprope number, and it wasn't complicated, but it was cute.

But you'll never BELIEVE who jumped rope next!

Honestly, I thought it would be a setup for a joke and Bullseye wouldn't actually jump. But he did! More than once, too.

I was as impressed by that as I was the ballroom dancing. I mean, how heavy is that costume? And there have to be two people in there.

Jakey was incredibly captivated by the performance. His eyes were glued to the stage!

It wasn't long before Buzz made his appearance.

He got right into the act. No jumproping, but a good bit of dancing.

It was a little disconcerting to see Mickey with the Toy Story gang. Does that sound weird? Mickey doesn't go with them.

Now. THAT'S more like it.

The three musketeers.

I bet at this point, you're wondering if I bought these tickets for myself or Jake. Well. I can't say I didn't enjoy myself. I do love an afternoon with Disney characters, that's for sure.


I mean, they ended the show with a confetti blowout that rained down onto our heads, Internet!

Four stars. We give it four stars.

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