Dec 6, 2012

Decorating for Christmas when it's 70 degrees outside feels weird

I can't remember a time when I've decorated for Christmas when it was 70 degrees outside, but that's what happened this year.

Totally bizarre. I just realized you can even tell it from the picture below ... there I am in shorts and a T-shirt, taking a picture of my outdoor door hanging.

My 10-year-old wreath was looking a little ragged this year, so I decided to just string a bunch of ornaments together and hang them from my wreath hanger, instead. I think it came out okay, considering that the ornaments are literally just held together by giftwrap ribbon. Won't hold up in a hurricane, but then again, it feels like freaking spring here right now.

When you come in the front door, I've got our Moravian star, a little Red Letter Words canvas and a tray full of more ornaments on the hall table.

I have decided that a TRAY of ornaments is not as visually appealing as a DOUGH BOWL of ornaments, and I aspire to have a dough bowl for my 2013 foyer table ornament display. Please check back with me in approximately 11 months to see if that dream has come true.

The version of this canvas that Dee has available in her shop right now is a 12x12, but last year I was able to get this little 4x4 version, which is so cute. It was also like $12 or something really reasonable like that. I only keep it out at Christmas, but I love it!

Coming around the corner into our den, I decided to completely change color schemes than what I've always done for Christmas ... I went with silver, blue, green and brown. Although it's not traditional, I'm really loving the change!

I am completely in LOVE with my new stockings, which I bought from Hung by the Chimney on etsy. I mean, REALLY. How cute are they.

Then you won't BELIEVE what I did on the mantle. More ball ornaments.

Yeah ... I kind of had a whole bunch of them, and since I JUST bought new accessories for my mantel, I didn't want to take all my new stuff down and put a lot of Christmas stuff up. So I decided to just throw some garland and ornaments up there with all the bottles.

I'm not one of those people who decorates all over my house. I basically do the front door, the den and a tiny bit in the kitchen. So. We continue on the other side of the den.

I hung an ornament from each of the lamps on the sofa table, and I filled my hurricane globes with gold, frankincense and myrrh. No; just kidding. MORE ROUND ORNAMENTS.

I don't know why I'm so fond of this little vignette, but I really am.

Took like seven more pictures of these things at different angles, but I'll just show you one more.

Next to the couch we have our tree. Our poor, poor tree, which you can basically see through, because we really need a new one. Just not a priority, let me tell you. One day!

It's all decked out with tons of ornaments, including, of course, my very favorites of the kids from every year since they were born. (If you missed it, I told you how to order them EARLY this year, so no one can yell at me for not telling you before they sold out this time.)

I've been collecting ornaments since before we got married, because I've always loved Christmas. And of course, I've added ornaments over the years that are pretty specific to the kids' interests, so we have quite a collection.

Many of my personal favorites have come from the ornament swap we do with Grayson's extended family every other year, and this is one that I got at one of the swaps a few years ago.

I bought this scrapbooking one for my own stocking in Gatlinburg last year. Presh.

The tree is also full of homemade (or, more accurately, "schoolmade") ornaments. The boys LOVE to pull out their handiwork from years past and put it on the tree.

Our babysitter Anna makes us a few beautiful ornaments every year, and they always help balance out some of our less, um, refined pieces.

But the picture below is really probably the best representation of our tree ... our little hodgepodge of ornaments. On any given patch of branches, you might find a brass-plated, grosgrain-ribbon-trimmed ornament with a professional photograph inside, sitting next to a homemade Christmas tree painted on a spare subway tile, hanging out by a red Power Ranger, hung next to a painstakingly hand-crocheted snowflake.

That's just how we roll.

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