Sep 16, 2011

Baby shower #3

Coming close on the heels of Baby Shower #2 (with the girls at Cheesecake Factory) came Baby Shower #3, at work. (And I realized after that last shower post that I didn't count the surprise baby shower at the beach, so technically this is shower #4. Now I'm REALLY glad I declined that other one! Ridonkulous!)

Amelia is not only our fourth child, but our fourth child since I've been working at The Place Where I Work. They've endured four pregnancies and four maternity leaves right along with me, and for that I'm grateful. Many of my co-workers have been there through all of them, and they are thrilled to be welcoming Amelia with us.

My friends Vanessa and Sheree co-hosted the event, and in their trademark thorough, detailed way, it was flawless!

They decorated in a pink-and-green color scheme, and everything was beautiful!

When you can make a conference room look pretty, you know you've got talented people on your hands. They made a lime sherbet punch that was delicious ...

And pink lemonade with lime slices was situated right next to it.

The pink roses (real!) that acted as the centerpiece were just gorgeous.

One of my all-time favorite finger foods (although I do eat them with a fork ... I know, I'm weird) is a deviled egg. YUM. I ate about half of the ones you see on this plate.

And if I'm choosing something to eat on a croissant, I'm all about chicken salad. Double yum!

I had so much fun opening the gifts ... everyone was so generous, and I can't thank them enough.

I got lots of cute clothes, diapers and wipes ...

a couple of super-soft blankets ...

and some precious handmade items from Sheree.

This is most of the group that was able to come, and I am still overwhelmed by everyone's kindness.


ginmommy said...

I want a piece of that cake please :) Also, I think I had that maternity shirt you are wearing, when I was preggo. Aren't you glad to know that?

From someone who doesn't know you from Adam, I'll be praying for a quick, safe, pain free, healthy, delivery. Amazing the connections we can make with others, we would never know otherwise. Somehow, I feel like I know you, and feel invested in this pregnancy. Can't wait to see her face! ;)

Sewconsult said...

I'm like ginmommy...I want the cake, especially one of the corners or one of the center with lots of icing!

Looks like Amelia will be well dress and a fashion diva from day 1! Take it easy.

Erin said...

mmmmm ... deviled eggs.

although I can't imagine why you'd need to eat them with a fork. weirdo.

Rachel said...

Cake. mmmmmm. And lemonade. mmmmmm. That's so sweet that you got another shower. You should be all nice and clean. :) I hope we'll get a little on going fashion show with Amelia with all her cute outfits.
We're praying for a safe labor for both of you. I must admit I got more anxious with each one. You'll do great. Rest up this week and sleep as much as possible but then I try to do that each week myself. :)

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