Sep 15, 2011

Day at the museum

Last Saturday the Birmingham Museum of Art hosted a family day that sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun, so we piled in the van and headed that way Saturday morning.

Once again, even though I meant to grab my camera on the way out the door, I forgot it. (You should all be very thankful I have an iPhone now. If I didn't, this would apparently be a photo-less blog at this point.)

They had a nice area set up on the patio with a bubble machine for the kids to play in.

Jake loved it, along with the DJ who was spinning kids' tunes for them to dance to.

They also offered free popcorn and cold lemonade for the kids to enjoy while they waited in line to have their faces painted. (Nathaniel and Nicholas held Jake's place in line while he rested by the pool.)

They were extraordinarily patient as they waited for 45 minutes in line. Then they were finally able to fulfill their face-painting destinies ... as zombies of some sort.

As you can imagine, I was THRILLED! just THRILLED! that my boys wanted to be zombies for a day.

Nicholas and Jake waited their turns while Nathaniel was in the chair enjoying his transformation.

Into this. JOY.

Then it was Nick's turn.

Zombie #2. I was simply bursting with pride.

Jakey-Jake wanted to be Batman. I was very pleased by this turn of events.

And I have to say, even though this is low-resolution and only an Instagram picture, it might be one of my favorites I've ever taken of Jake.


After we were all painted up, we went inside and ate lunch, then headed over to the craft area. The kids made some sort of wind-sock type of thing.

Or whatever. I don't really know what they're supposed to be. But they have streamers hanging from them.

Although originally Nathaniel turned his nose up at the idea, once he saw Nick's and Jake's coming together, he decided to make one, too.

After Jake finished his wind-whatever, he made a paper guitar. It was feathery. Feathery guitars are all the rage, I hear.

After we milked the museum for all it was worth, we stopped at Railroad Park, which was having some sort of event we didn't know about in advance but were happy to stop and support. Grayson and Jake went off to find other fun things to do while the big boys hopped in line to scale a rock wall.

The zombies waited in line for quite some time, probably 30 minutes, for their turns.

Once they were strapped into their harnesses, though, they took off like naturals.

They each got two turns.

After that, they had a lot of fun on the inflatables, and Jake came over to participate at that point.

Once we left Railroad Park, we stopped for ice cream on the way home. It was a full, fun day ... I'm glad we fit it all in!

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Sewconsult said...

Fun had by all! How did mom hold out?

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