Jul 29, 2011

It's finally Friday

Well, Internet, it's been a tough week for me physically with the pregnancy. I would give you more information -- because you KNOW how I love to give you TMI -- but trust me. You don't want to hear these particular woes.

I'm so glad the week of sitting in an office chair is coming to an end, and tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Smith Lake with the big boys for a day of fun in the sun with my friends Lisa, Honor and their families. (Grayson's keeping Jake here. After The Beach Incident, I cannot handle the thought of keeping track of all three boys in a man-made lake that is over 100 feet deep in many places. I told you ... I think I have PTSD. I'm still not over it.)

I can't wait to visit and laugh with the girls, play with their kids and give this body a rest. And of course I'll try to take a picture or two.

I wanted to share with you a couple of things I found funny or interesting this week to tide you over until I can get back to you with Real Content.

Abraham shared this collage photo of a bunch of high divers' faces. It made me smile.

It reminds me of all the divers I've watched during the Summer Olympics and how funny I thought their faces looked during the slow-mo replays. And also of the Olympic Games that included high diving that my sister and I used to play on our Commodore 64 via a floppy disk. Good times.

Wendy shared this great hatch-print type of poster that features a great sentiment about being a parent. I suppose if I were making my own, I might tweak it just a bit (like, I'm not really interested in being anyone's worst nightmare), but I love it anyway.

And Abraham came through once again with this bib that made me laugh.

I may just have to get Unnamed Baby Girl one.


ginmommy said...

Love the picture of the divers!! HA!!!

Dad said...

And please correct the grammar on the penultimate line of the poster. ;-)

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