Jul 29, 2011

My sincerest condolences

Two of my blog readers are sisters-in-law. They have both commented regularly over the years, and most recently they responded to my plea for Words with Friends friends, and we've been enjoying spirited WWF games for a couple of months now.

While I don't know either of them in real life, I was devastated to hear that one of them lost her 5-year-old daughter, K, to an E. coli infection yesterday afternoon. (I'm not using their names for privacy reasons, because I didn't ask them if I could post this.)

I just wanted to ask you to pray for their entire family and keep K's 8-year-old brother, C, at top of mind. I cannot IMAGINE in any way, shape or form losing one of my boys ... and the loss would be compounded many-fold by trying to help the surviving boys understand the "Why" of it all.

I'd appreciate your prayers on their behalf so very much.


Bren said...

Hi~ I am a long time reader of yours and very much enjoy reading your blog. I came here after being asked to pray for Jonah and found my way to Patrice's blog & then wound my way over here and have been coming back to "visit" ever since. Thanks for sharing what you do.

My heart goes out to your friends and I am praying for their family, so very much. Take care.

Tanya Ott said...

That is awful! I cannot even imagine it. Definitely sending our thoughts out to the family.

Sewconsult said...

So sad. The internet has made so many friends for all of us. It's hard to describe that friendship to someone who has never experienced it. I have a wonderful friend in Calgary with whom we have emailed at least 5 times a week to each other for 7 yrs. We call ourselves the Internet Twins, because we have so much in common.
Praying for the family.

steigler7071 said...

Very sad and my heart is breaking for this unknown family. I will be praying for them.

HandyFamily said...

Thank you for this kind post. Our family appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers.

momma said...

I found my way here via the mom of K. She is one of my best friends - since we were 5! You are so sweet to have written this and to have prayed for my friend and her family.

(i'm looking for the pinterest tutorial you wrote - that place is CRAZY!)

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