Jun 29, 2011

It's still hot, so we're still at the pool

It's been AT LEAST a week since I posted pictures of us at the pool.

I know. You've been thinking your life has been missing something, and I just provided the missing link!

When I came into town on Sunday afternoon from my scrapbooking crop, I drove straight to the pool and met the family there. At the first courtesy break, we broke out the sandwiches.

(My lens has some sort of weird flare right in the center of it, and I don't know why. Let's try to ignore it, shall we?) (This will drive my dad crazy because he will want to fix it but he's 160 miles away.)

While the boys love to swim, they love the diving board almost as much.

Nicholas tries to hit the water in a different way practically every time he jumps.

Nathaniel surprised me by deciding to try a front flip off the board.

He did it at the lake last weekend, but off the dock, which is a good bit closer to the water.

Still, he gave it everything he had.

He did a pretty good job ...

But he didn't QUITE make it all the way around.

He landed almost flat on his back, and it made a loud SMACK.

I was worried when he came up, but he was fine. He only did it two more times, but he was fine.

Jake has decided that the board is his Very. Favorite. Thing.

He surveys his surroundings quickly before every jump.

But he doesn't hesitate out of fear ... he runs to the end and jumps right off.

He usually makes a cute little "YAH!" yell on the way in.

And he shows no fear as he hits the water.

Down he goes ...

Farther and farther.

And then he pops up and yells, "I gonna do it again!"

It takes him forever to swim to the side, but God forbid you try to help him. He wants to do it all by himself!

I love that the boys love the pool, and I love watching them enjoy it. And I know we'll have many, many more weekends to enjoy it ... what with living in 100-degree temperatures for the next two months and all.

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tarheelmom said...

Okay, so it has been bothering me FOREVER that you are afraid of scrapbooking stickers other than CM...why? Are like the pictures going to melt like a villian in a vat of acid in like 20 years? Please...elaborate!

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